Christopher J. Precopia

Christopher J. Precopia

Welcome to a Website Dedicated to the Food and Travel Recommendations of Christopher J. Precopia

Christopher J. Precopia is living proof that not all who wander are lost. The food and travel lover is always looking for the next destination to explore. Known amongst his friends as a frequent flyer, Christopher J. Precopia is often asked for travel and food advice. For this reason, he wanted to start a website where he could share some of his thoughts on the fantastic food and travel scene in the United States.

Future blog posts will cover everything from tips to make an airport trip less stressful than ever to what cities have the most vibrant food truck scene. Below, Christopher J. Precopia will provide a general overview of his favorite places to visit to experience great food in the United States.

While Christopher J. Precopia has found that you can find great food almost anywhere in America, there’s no denying that the food capital of the country comes from the City That Never Sleeps. New York is a melting pot of culture, which makes it an incredible food paradise. Authentic Chinese food can be found in Chinatown, Little Italy offers recipes from the old country that transport visitors to a Tuscan restaurant. A recent OpenTable article noted that it would take a person more than 22 years to eat at all of NYC’s restaurants and new ones are popping up almost every day. As a breakfast lover, it also doesn’t hurt to note that New York truly has the best bagels on the planet.

Christopher J. Precopia ranks New York as the top food destination in the country because of its sheer variety. His second favorite, however, is known for providing a specific type of cuisine. New Orleans, Louisiana is a food town with a reputation for bringing the party. A first-time visitor to New Orleans is likely going to feel like they are in a different country. The Big Easy has a plethora of restaurants that focus on gumbo, jambalaya, beignets, and crawfish. Those who have enjoyed Cajun food anywhere else in the country will immediately notice just how much better the Creole influences of New Orleans make their signature dishes.

One city that has recently moved up the ranks of Christopher J. Precopia is Portland, Oregon. Portland is a place for people who want to find all-natural, sustainable food products. For instance, there’s a significant number of food markets available to customers daily. Local crops like huckleberries, blueberries, and marionberries, allow local chefs to develop dishes that are as flavorful as they are fresh. One secret about Portland is that it is also a fantastic pizza town. Many top food critics put Portland’s pizza scene on par with New York, but Christopher J. Precopia is not yet prepared to go that far.

Chicago would be higher up in the food and travel rankings of Christopher J. Precopia, if the summer was the only season. Chicago is one of the most enjoyable food cities in the world. The only true downside to the Windy City is just how difficult it is to stay warm in the winter. Still, dishes like the Chicago Beef, Chicago-style hot dog and the deep dish pizza are all designed to warm up a diner on a cold evening. While not as publicly known, Chicago also attracts some of the top chefs in the world, so diners can absolutely enjoy a five-star meal in the Chicago metropolitan area, if that’s the experience they are seeking.

Austin, Texas, is an emerging food city. It’s also a great place to walk around from dining truck to dining truck. Tex-Mex is a key component of the Austin food scene. Any time Christopher J. Precopia finds himself in Austin, he’s going to make it a point to enjoy breakfast tacos as often as possible. There are several restaurants that use local green chili peppers that just provide a punch of flavor that makes their breakfast taco scene second to none.

Finally, Christopher J. Precopia has to give the city of San Francisco a shout out. San Francisco from an outsider’s perspective may be known for Rice-A-Roni, but the truth is the area is surrounded by incredible vineyards and an incredible array of fresh seafood. The city is currently going through a farm-to-table movement, which is attracting emerging chefs from around the globe. Anyone looking to enjoy a food scene that is constantly evolving should consider visiting San Francisco.

Christopher J. Precopia is so happy to have you visiting his website. The blog will be updated regularly with deeper dives into some of the travel and food perks of America’s top cities. At a minimum, Christopher J. Precopia is hopeful that this website will encourage more people to get out and explore the incredible culinary scenes across the United States. With many more cities and towns to explore, Precopia’s tastebuds cannot wait to see where he ends up next.